My interest in photography came from my father who spent 3 years in the early 1950's traveling across the country as a traveling secretary for his fraternity. As part of his job he was encouraged to see as much as he could. This website is dedicated to his memory.

He took many slides that I still have to this day. I have uploaded them to the America Circa 1950 gallery. Some can not be duplicated, including downtown San Francisco in 1951, and Havana, Cuba with 50's vintage cars in front.

Looking at these slides really spurned my interest but I did not pursue it passionately until about 1998 or so. I started to travel more with work and made sure I took vacations every year to places I had never seen and wanted to photograph. Since that time I have visited 49 of the National Parks, 48 states and several Canadian provinces. I have also been fortunate enough to go abroad to the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Fiji.

A highlight gallery from these trips is North American Landscapes. From these trips I have included several compilation galleries including Animals around the World, Flowers around the World, and Cities of America.

The newer photos (2005 and beyond) are digital. They are shot with either a Pentax D3, D5, D7, D20, D100 or *istD camera except for concert photos which are shot with Nikon Coolpix and several camera phone photos.

Older photos have been scanned from negatives. The quality on these is a little uneven primarily due to age.

For the past several years I have been the photographer for MS Bike Rides in Pennsylvania and Ohio and several runs in the Pittsburgh area. Those galleries can be found under the Events folder.

I also have included several sports galleries including the Cavs vs Bulls game when Michael Jordan scored his career high. Other galleries include Pittsburgh, Columbus DeSales and Ohio State Sporting events, as well as auto racing in Ohio and Indiana, and professional sporting events across the country.

Your comments are very much appreciated as I am looking for impartial and critical review.